Weekly Wake Up Call: Bad Times Don't Last, But Bad Guys Do

WWE Hall Of Famer Scott Hall might have passed away, but he leaves behind a legacy of excellence and influence. How can we apply this to our lives?


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Scott Hall: The Bad Guy

WWE Hall Of Famer Scott Hall passed away on Monday, March 14, due to complications stemming from a recent hip surgery. Post surgery, he suffered three heart attacks and was under life support, which was eventually cut off, allowing him to pass.

Hall leaves behind a legacy both inside and outside of the wrestling ring, but no one can sum up Hall’s legacy quite like the man himself did during his 2014 WWE Hall Of Fame induction:

“Hard work pays off, dreams come true. Bad times don’t last, but bad guys do.”

I can honestly say I never even considered life without the former Razor Ramon popping up here and there, always being a fixture—even fringe—in the wrestling business.

Now he’s gone, forcing me to reevaluate my own interpretation of “…but bad guys do.”

How will we be remembered?

Scott Hall has now permanently moved into our memories, a residence he has furnished quite well. But those furnishings should also serve as a motivator and a guide, for us to craft a life for ourselves that will be undeniable, unforgettable, and of course…


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